Elevated Privacy with Customizable Artwork

Posted by Katie on Jun 16, 2020 6:40:47 PM


From waiting rooms, to workplace cubicles, to conference rooms, there are many environments in which providing a sense of privacy and distance is crucial. And while there are many factors to consider when designing for privacy, one aspect that might be easy to overlook is the visual impact the installation itself will have.


We consider the aesthetic quality of our installations to be as important as their functionality. What sets our privacy solutions apart is the addition of original artwork from our extensive portfolio of art and photography by co-founder and artist, Lynn Heitler. 


Here are our 5 most popular applications for customizing privacy installations with art:


1) Straticolor

Customize the overall transparency of an image from our portfolio to achieve your specific desired degree of privacy.



2) ArtPoint

Different areas of an artwork can be adjusted to allow varying levels of transparency, from complete opacity to fully clear areas, and everything in between.


3) White-on-White

An elegant and compelling art application for producing semi-private to fully private installations.


4) Tint

This privacy solution allows for customization of a White-on-White artwork to match or complement a Pantone color, or other colors of your choosing.


5) Gradient

Custom gradients can be produced with original artwork, or using one or more specific Pantone colors, all with a variable opacity throughout the image.



For even more customization, an additional flood of white or color can be applied within several of the above options, including Tint, W-o-W, or ArtPoint. Our portfolio provides a wide range of imagery to choose from. Use it as your go-to resource to create a uniquely customizable privacy installation.



Check out our full portfolio of over 3,000 art, photography and installation images.




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