Co-Founder Collaboration

Posted by Caitlin on Jul 15, 2020 7:24:28 PM


LYNNEL Art to Form co-founders, Lynn Heitler and Philip Levy, worked together to create this tranquil and beautiful collaboration video. Levy provides an emotive, original piano piece as backdrop for a curated selection of Heitler's original artwork. The resulting video is full of artistic details, acoustic flourishes, colors and movement. 


The experience of collaborating to build beautiful works of art is not new to Levy and Heitler. Since founding LYNNEL in 2006, these principals have worked with a diverse clientele to bring many hundreds of innovative, original art installations to life. Their combined creative and professional expertise have enabled them to push the boundaries in both art and business.




Collaborate with LYNNEL to find purpose in art and art with purpose. 



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