3 Innovative Ways Art & Design Enhance Healthcare

Posted by Caitlin on Jul 15, 2020 6:50:59 PM


These hospitals have made art and design integral to their approach to patient care. Their innovations in healthcare design and use of art have raised the bar in the industry -



This LYNNEL healthcare art installation featuring the artwork "Painted Oak shows how artwork can be integrated into a project’s interior finishes in creative ways.


1. Penn Medicine’s The Pavilion is a new-construction facility scheduled to open summer 2021. This hospital has garnered attention for its atypical approach to architecture and interior design, putting patient needs at the forefront. To provide an exceptional standard of care, the hospital required all elements of the facility to be as user-friendly and as navigable as possible for staff, visitors and patients.

This impressive design is also eco-friendly and extensively planned for ongoing flexibility. Incorporating artwork into the finishes and patient rooms in such a facility adds a human, aesthetic touch, bringing warmth to a high-tech healthcare facility.



In line with these concepts, we can provide original artwork for art on the wall installations to inspire and delight patients and visitors in healthcare settings. This triptych features pieces from the "Aqua Aqua Series" in the LYNNEL portfolio.

2. In 2018, the Montreal Museum of Fine Art teamed up with Montreal General Hospital and Jewish General Hospital to enable doctors to prescribe visits to the art museum free of cost as an integrated aspect of patient treatment. This program shows how many hospitals place a high priority on art and imagery in a wholistic approach to patient wellbeing.

Just as effective as patient visits to the art museum can be, hospitals can also bring the art museum to the patients through a dynamic and engaging art package within the facility. Art installations can help patients and visitors feel hopeful, relaxed and even inspired. Having on-site access to artwork can be very important to patients who are unable to take excursions. Suspended sculptures, feature walls, headwalls and art on the wall are all opportunities to incorporate the positive benefits of visual art into patient journeys.


Lynn Heitler’s piece "Road to Success" is full of saturated color and lively patterns and shapes. Such artworks are ideal for pediatric healthcare environments.


3. Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne is bursting at the seams with a kid-friendly, playful program of art and sculpture. Creativity and imagination are centerpieces of their plan to create an inspiring space for children to heal and receive treatment.


Art installations are especially effective in pediatric healthcare settings. Color and imagery can be powerful tools to make children feel happy, empowered and comfortable. Innovative installations such as suspended mobiles featuring imagery with an educational or imaginative element would allow young patients to engage with - and even be entertained by - their surroundings while undergoing treatment.



This LYNNEL art installation features a color modified version of the Glass Glow Series to create a cohesive art installation in this healthcare environment.


These are just a few examples of healthcare facilities that have taken the relationship between art, design and treatment to new levels. Our many healthcare art installations have helped many facilities bridge these elements successfully, creating calm and sometimes playful spaces where people can turn to the art and design for enjoyment and tranquility.




Check out our full portfolio of over 3,000 art, photography and installation images.




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