September Spotlight

Posted by Caitlin on Sep 2, 2020 6:21:53 PM


Our new monthly Spotlight is an addition to our newsletter that highlights current events and developments in the architecture and design community. We hope you find it engaging!


The Public Art Fund is bringing the art gallery to the public through a program called Art on the Grid. This initiative, conceived within the context of the pandemic, integrates original, relevant artwork directly into the architecture and infrastructure of the city. We at LYNNEL applaud and welcome the creative ways Art on the Grid is working to display artwork in unexpected and pleasing ways in urban settings. Read “Art on the Grid Transforms City Blocks into Outdoor Galleries,” to see for yourself how artwork is having an impact on people in New York city – without folks even needing to step foot in a gallery or museum.


Door Treatment - Glass Glow

This LYNNEL installation features original artwork in an exterior application. Bringing artwork outdoors increases its accessibility and elevates community spaces.


  • What is the most innovative combination of original artwork and architecture you’ve ever seen or worked on?

  • Has your firm participated in any design initiatives in response to the Covid-19 pandemic? 

  • If so, what were these projects?  How did they come about?  How did they turn out?

  • Has your firm played a part in public art projects?  What can you tell us about these?


We’d love to know your thoughts on this topic. Let us know your perspective by leaving us a comment via the button below. Feel free to use your name, or provide your comments anonymously. We hope to use our monthly Spotlights as opportunities for the community to share their design perspectives, challenges and insights. We will feature a selection of responses in next month’s Spotlight!




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