July Spotlight

Posted by Caitlin on Jul 2, 2020 5:44:38 PM


Our new monthly Spotlight is an addition to our newsletter that highlights current events and developments in the architecture and design community. We hope you find it engaging!


In June, The New Yorker featured an article titled "How the Coronavirus will Reshape Architecture". The article, written by Kyle Chayka, explores a variety of ways that COVID-19 will increasingly affect our collective approach to architecture and design. (read the article here)


Divide Panel - Etched Garlic 3

Artwork: Etched Garlic 3


The article sites the early 20th century origins of modernist architecture and the priority of “form follows function” as a precedent for the shift we might see as we enter “a new juncture of disease and architecture.” The article breaks this shift down into three distinct areas: Domestic, Office, and City spaces, each with its own challenges and solutions.


  • What are the ways you’ve seen the needs and demands on architecture and design change in the last several months since the coronavirus pandemic began in the US?
  • What other events/circumstances have had similar effects on the direction of architecture and design in your career?
  • Do you think the changes that will result from coronavirus will be as transformative as other movements in the history of architecture and design?


We’d love to know your thoughts on this topic. Let us know your perspective by leaving us a comment via the button below. Feel free to use your name or provide us an anonymous submission. We hope to use our monthly Spotlights as opportunities for the community to share their design perspectives, challenges and insights. We will feature a selection of responses in next month’s Spotlight!





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